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Squarefoot Construction is the Dallas area's most reliable commercial construction company since 2004. We are a capable group of industry professionals who have one goal in mind: giving you the highest quality construction results that fit the personal vision you have for your business. We're proud to work with commercial clients of all types and sizes here in Dallas, from restaurants and delis to gas stations and convenience stores. We even offer interior finish services, proving that we go the extra mile to be your go-to commercial contractor for every step of the construction process. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and how we can make your next commercial construction project experience one-of-a-kind.

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Who We Are

Since 2004, Squarefoot Construction has been the commercial construction company that Dallas has come to rely on for the best work in town. We aim to be more to our clients than just their construction company. We want to show them that customer service is our number one priority and that they are more than just a number! With every project, we take on and each client we work with, we strive to create trust and promote communication so that everyone involved is on the same page. Construction is in our name, but it's more than that to us! It's about providing 100% customer satisfaction and results that exceed expectations.

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What We Do

Working together with our customers is perhaps the most important part of what we do here in Dallas. While design and build is the skeleton of our company, what really matters is making sure our clients get exactly what they want from us. We ensure that our clients are informed about every step of our construction process, from initial consultations to the grand opening. We aim to provide the best commercial construction our area has to offer, and it all starts with a phone call.

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What You Can Expect Squarefoot Construction To Do For You

Here at Squarefoot Construction, our main goal is to provide affordable, high-quality designs that fit any budget that is presented to us. We deliver results with the highest regard to quality and excellence ranging from simple to complex, small to large scale on all our commercial projects. We build more than structures– we also build personal relationships that last a lifetime. Our exceptional team works together with each client to plan, execute, and complete their project based on timeline, objectives, and budget. Regardless of requirements, our talented, professional team will provide the support, dedication, and attention required to make each client's construction vision a reality.

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We Keep It REAL In The Market

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We value our relationships with our customers, clients and vendors. We build trust and respect through open and honest communications having a strong performance.

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We provide our extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure our customer are satisfied.

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Our extensive experience allows us to pay close attention to the smallest details in order to design structures that excite us and reflect our collective vision to construct a stunning structure.

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We are loyal to our customers. As a team we provide integrity, effort and commitment to build our loyalty for our community.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

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Great job, renovating the Convenience Store and gas station. We appreciate your knowledge and time efficiency getting the location remodeled during business hours. Our business flow and customers were not affected by the remodel. Code and regulation compliance were met with no disturbance. Very nice job inside and out, we love it. Great Crew! Please feel free to use us if you need a recommendation for your future clients.

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We have used this company twice now for medical office remodeling. Both experiences were positive and they worked diligently to meet our expectations. The weekly progress reports were very helpful.

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Squarefoot construction has been with our companies for more than 7 years and all projects done by this company helped us grow in business. All our projects are different and from design phase to construction completion process, squarefoot construction clearly knows what our business needs are . SF construction not only builds projects but knowing your business need, make project more capable of doing business in future. We built so many projects but all our projects built by Squarefoot construction are doing good in business compared to the ones built by other company. Our businesses are of gas stations and convenience stores, Franchisee restaurants and motels. If anyone looking to grow in business, Squarefoot construction is the Right choice

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Our Recent Work by Squarefoot Construction

Check out our collection of commercial construction projects we have completed

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