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Design & Build Commercial Construction in Dallas Fort Worth & McKinney Texas

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Design & build commercial construction is a complete process that you want to put in the right hands. Our commercial construction company uses an innovative design & build approach to ensure everything is taken care of for you so there is less stress on your behalf. Our design & build service covers the entire process from start to finish.

Squarefoot Construction has the crew necessary to handle all size commercial design & build projects in Dallas, Fort Worth, and McKinney. Our experienced team can handle your next big project. You'll get the results that you want with minimal hassle.

Our professionals work hard to please our customers in every way. Whether it's high-quality craftsmanship and materials or competitive prices you are looking for, we have you covered. If you would like to get started with a design & build estimate, contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Our Design & Build Process

Squarefoot Construction brings together the best specialists in order to complete your commercial construction project. Each contractor involved, from the designers to the engineers, is involved in the design & build process simultaneously. Our team works together to ensure you get only the highest quality service.

Phases of Process

There are four main phases of the commercial construction process. The following is an outline of the separate phases of all construction projects we handle in the DFW area:

  • Phase one – Squarefoot Construction analysis
  • Phase two – Agreement
  • Phase three- Service agreement
  • Phase four – Full Construction

Squarefoot Construction Analysis

An analysis of the square footage of a commercial building is a priority in order to determine the practicality of the project from start to finish. Before you ever commit to us, we will also ask you a series of questions that will help your construction to be completed right:

  • Is the site suitable for the desired construction?
  • What problems may be encountered to raise the structure cost?
  • What will the needs of your unique business entail?


The completion of your new project is going to require the knowledge of the designers, engineers, construction specialists, and subcontractors. We will create, guide, and supervise the team that is chosen for your specific construction project.

Service Agreement

When special services are necessary, a service agreement will need to be developed. This usually occurs when the job involves specific study and additional engineering reports that are needed prior to construction.

Full Construction

Once the feasibility of the project has been determined and the contract is signed, full construction begins. In this phase, you are assigned a general contractor and project manager. They will serve you as a liaison across all of the project phases.

Hiring Experts

When you hire our experts, your project will be done on time and within your budget. Call to ask for more details on our design & build service today. We are the experts who can turn your abstract concepts into concrete blueprints and design plans.

If You Are Looking For A Commercial Construction Company In The Dallas/Fort Worth Area, Please Call Us Today For A Free Estimate!