Tips To Remodel Your Commercial Space

Remodeling within a specific commercial space on a fixed budget can create a huge barrier to reaching your goals. In many cases, just a few revisions to your commercial space is needed to improve its functionality and cheer up your surroundings. The following tips can help you determine how to get the most out of your remodeling investment using practical steps.

#1: Maximize Functionality and Productivity

Whether your commercial space is very big or very small, both need to take advantage of every inch of space to increase work productivity and functionality. Installing built-in shelves opens up floor space and helps keep an office from becoming cluttered. Focus on buying office products and equipment that are sleek in design and that are multi-functional in nature, such as desk organizers, 4-in-1 printers, or flat screen PCs. Adding light, especially natural light is a great way to ‘open up’ your space. If budgeting allows for it, adding small skylights can be an option to eliminate the visual dreariness of a closed-in office. Select softer adjustable area lighting along with energy efficient light bulbs for employee workstations rather than installing invasive, bright overhead lights; this cuts energy costs and also affect employee morale and productivity.

#2: Discard or Change the Height of Cubicles

There are certain work settings where a cubicle environment can improve concentration and productivity. In other settings, high-walled cubicles can ruin team interaction when it’s time to share and collaborate their strategies within strict deadlines. Not to mention that they take up a considerable amount of square footage. Many modern offices encourage free movement among employees which often calls for a commercial space that has ergonomic work tables instead of traditional cubicles. Also, invest in new office chairs that can alleviate back fatigue and back pain to make your employees’ work space more comfortable.

#3: Replace Flooring

Replacing old and musty carpeting can go a long way in energizing a commercial space. This may prove problematic, though, for employees or customers who are highly sensitive to the smell of new carpet. As an alternative, you could leave the floors bare. Polished tile or lacquered hardwood floors can add a modern feel to an office that also reduces the presence of allergens. Making these changes alone can improve the aesthetics of a work space and minimize the need for regular maintenance.

#4: Repaint

Changing the color of a commercial space takes careful consideration. Do you want to create a work setting that denotes energy and confidence? Stay away from dark colors and brighten up drabs walls and ceilings with subtle hues of yellow or orange. The trend of producing calming commercial spaces is very much in demand now. Popular color choices that many businesses are now selecting include tonal whites, hues of brown, and warm grays for office design. Neutrals and softer, grayish hues are considered ideal to enhance concentration and eye fatigue.

Identify What Needs Fixing Before Redesigning

Before any redesigning takes place, you need to find workable solutions to incorporate your office space redesign effectively. Focus on office space in how it relates to office productivity. You may soon realize that you can fit several redesign plans with less money if the number of office furniture and office equipment is downsized. Incorporating the company’s logo in your remodeling project is also a good idea. Investing in suitable wall decor or designs that deliver a message or a theme helps employees stay focused and energized while doing their tasks. Your company’s redesign will also make a positive impression with business clients who will see a more efficient, progressive office environment.

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