Considerations For Hiring A Commercial General Contractor

There may come a time when a business needs to build, remodel or more. They must begin the search for a commercial general contractor. It’s important to get a commercial general contractor that meets expectations. A business can’t just focus on the contractor’s price. There are a number of things to consider such as the contractor’s history, references, lawsuit history and more.

Project Requirements

The first step in choosing a commercial general contractor is the business knowing what it wants to accomplish. It’s important to determine what is needed and not just what is wanted. A detailed plan will provide a successful beginning. The business should be able to communicate what it wants in terms of service level, the scope of the project as well as the level of quality they require. A contractor will also want to know the project’s anticipated schedule as well as its available budget.

Financial Records

A commercial general contractor should have no problem with a possible client evaluating their financial records. The tax records should be carefully reviewed. A contractor’s tax problems could delay a project or cause a number of other problems. A business owner will want to know the contractor’s credit history, liquidity as well as capital assets and more. This will let a business know if the contractor will have the financial ability to purchase building materials and pay their suppliers as well as subcontractors on time.


It’s important to make certain a contractor has all the necessary insurance required by law. They should be willing to provide their licenses and required certifications. Worker’s compensation will be required for all of those who work for the contractor. This can help a business if someone is injured during their project. The contractor’s tax ID number can help a business verify the contractor’s business claims.


A business owner should ask the commercial contractor for a detailed estimate of their project. A business needs to then compare all the estimates from the commercial general contractors being considered for their project. Attention should be paid to the materials that will be used, length of time to complete the project, number of people to be used and more.

Trade Groups

When a business wants to learn about the local commercial general contractors they’re considering, they could contact local trade groups. Associated Builders and Contractors is a good place to start. They regularly provide staff members who can provide information concerning local contractors. The Associated General Contractors of America have tens of thousands of members around the country. They are able to provide information on small to large contractors as well as family or publicly owned contractor firms.


When a construction project is taking place, a business will spend a lot of time working with the chosen contractor. It is important a business interview the key personnel from each commercial general contractor being considered. It is important the business and contractor personnel are able to effectively communicate. The business must feel confident the contractor understands their expectations. The treatment of subcontractors, job site safety and scheduling need to be discussed. It’s also important to learn how much experience the contractor has with the type of project the business wants to be completed.

Estimate Or Fixed Price

There are commercial general contractors who will provide an estimate with a promise of a fixed price later for a project. If contractors claim they aren’t able to give a fixed price because the proposed project has too many variables, a business needs to try and eliminate the unknowns to get a fixed price. It benefits the contractor and business when as much detailed information as possible is provided about a project.

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