Building For Commercial, How It’s Different Than Residential

Commercial business projects completely differ from residential buildings for various reasons. Moreover, the standards and regulation for building commercial and residential properties differ. Commercial business projects are built ultimately for commercial activities. They incorporate shopping malls, offices, retail stores, and shops.

Commercial projects

Commercial projects are dedicated buildings for commercial activities other than residential purposes. When handling commercial projects, you need planning since it requires more work than residential properties.

Regulations require commercial buildings to have large beams and larger floors for a variety of activities. Commercial areas like malls incorporate numerous activities and large number of population. With these reasons, a residential building should be strong enough to support these activities and shouldn’t pose any dangers to mortal life and property.
The following is an analysis of the differences between commercial and residential building projects.


There is a considerable difference between commercial and residential flooring projects. The intended purpose of flooring in residential places is to increase beauty and appearance. Residential floors include fancy wood flooring and tiles. They are less strong since they do not experience traffic and harsh conditions.

Conversely, the intended purpose of commercial flooring is to ensure safety, elegance and to withstand some harsh conditions. In that fashion, you need to be more observant when it comes to commercial flooring than residential projects.

There are many activities and movements on commercial premises. This means that the flooring has to support the pressure exerted by these activities. Additionally, there are chances of spillage or dropping bulky items. The flooring has to be strong to endure these conditions.

The cost of commercial flooring is high compared to residential ones. This is because you need excellent quality and strong floors to withstand the numerous activities. In addition, residential floors will last long than commercial ones. Residential places have minimal activities which mean less pressure exerted.

Security and surveillance systems

Commercial buildings are prone to theft and burglary crimes compared to residential places. This is because they deal with valuable products. In this manner, security and alarm systems have to be in place and advanced.

Theft also happens in residential places but in minimal instances. For security purposes, you barely need a door alarm and a quality house lock. With this in place, you will have properly secured your residential property.

Door alarm is insufficient for commercial buildings. Here, you will need protecting valuable items and products. To begin with, you have to ensure that only authorised personnel access certain areas. You will need contacting a security firm to provide you with security key cards.

In most states, camera surveillance is a mandatory requirement for all commercial buildings. This is to monitor all the activities within the premises. Moreover, the surveillance footage can be used as evidence in case any theft or illegal activity happens. This isn’t a requirement for residential areas. However, some estates are equipped with surveillance cameras to minimize incidents of crimes.

Safety systems

We frequently hear accidents such as fire breakouts occurring in residential places. Due to the increase in accidents, some states have gazetted some safety regulations that should be present in commercial areas.

When doing a commercial building, contractors should ensure such regulations are in place. First, any commercial building should have a fire alarm system and automated fire extinguishers plus a fire assembly point. Moreover, emergency doors should be accessible and situated in a visible place. This means that you are going to spend more resources on safety regulations compared to residential building.

Glass and fittings

Currently, financial projects are advancing from wall partitioning to glass. Additionally, the use of high-class fittings has erupted. Commercial buildings regulation requires business areas to use exceptional quality and approved glass quality that has zero negative effects on the environment. It equally has to maintain the safety of individuals in that area.
Residential fittings are quite cosy and unique. However, they are less expensive and durable than commercial ones.

Bottom line

Commercial building requires you to perform proper planning since it requires more work than residential projects. Moreover, you will have to invest more in commercial business projects.

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