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When undertaking a commercial remodeling project in Dallas, one crucial step is to obtain an accurate and detailed quote. Squarefoot Construction is here to guide you through the process of getting a quote for your commercial remodeling project. Contact us today!

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When it comes to selecting the right general contractor for your construction project in Dallas, you want to ensure you find the right contractor that will get the job done. Squarefoot Construction is a Dallas commercial general contractor that offers the best commercial construction and remodeling services. Learn about four tips that can help ensure you choose the right general contractor for your job, and contact us today!

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So, you're going into the restaurant game? Naturally, one of the most important things to consider in this journey is the look and layout of your Dallas area restaurant itself. After all, those factors can play a major role in determining whether your restaurant will sizzle or burn.

So, as you gear up to open, you need to stop and assess the overall look and layout of your location. You need to carefully consider a number of important factors to ensure your restaurant is set up to be a success. Some of the most important of these factors are the following:


Whether you are just starting to design your retail store's floor plan or you are thinking of remodeling the current layout, there are a plethora of options available to optimize every inch of square foot space.

A modern design plan is a must. You'll need to focus on aesthetics as well as function, making your retail store a beautiful and comfortable place for customers to shop. Your new retail space design will depend on what type of products you plan to sell, the location of the building or space, and how much you have allocated for the design.

Here are a few tips from our commercial retail construction company who knows how to make use of every inch of space to create an attractive, modern design.

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Whether you plan to build new retail space in the mall or need an entire office building constructed, your project is important to get right. You'll need to find an experienced local commercial construction company you can trust.

Sadly, there are many companies and contractors out there who claim to offer great commercial construction services. Who do you trust? It can be difficult to choose the right contractor to handle your project. In order to get good results from a commercial construction contractor in your area, there are certain factors to consider.

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With the growing incidence of antibiotic-resistant infections in the world, research is beginning to turn towards what can be done to reduce the need for antibiotics in the first place.

Building new medical facilities with improved hospital design and construction can play an important role in helping to reduce this frighteningly serious problem. If you are making plans to build a new medical facility, here are a few tips to keep in mind for the design.


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